Current Stats & Config


Number of active sessions: 0
Number of canary callbacks since boot: 30


Hints enabled: true
Reason enabled: true
CTF-mode enabled: false
Spoilers enabled: true
Springdoc enabled: false

Canary callbacks

Number of canary callbacks since boot: 30

Last canary token received:

{"channel": "HTTP", "token_type": "aws_keys", "src_ip": "", "token": "b4euops043ejwpixx9wjm4djq", "time": "2024-06-14 00:26:58 (UTC)", "memo": "wrongsecrets/canaries/tokencallbackdebug", "manage_url": "", "additional_data": {"geo_info": {"loc": "39.0437,-77.4875", "org": "AS14618, Inc.", "city": "Ashburn", "country": "US", "region": "Virginia", "hostname": "", "ip": "", "timezone": "America/New_York", "postal": "20147", "asn": {"route": "", "type": "hosting", "asn": "AS14618", "domain": "", "name": ", Inc."}}, "useragent": "Boto3/1.34.65 md/Botocore#1.34.65 ua/2.0 os/linux#5.10.217-205.860.amzn2.x86_64 md/arch#x86_64 lang/python#3.11.9 md/pyimpl#CPython cfg/retry-mode#legacy Botocore/1.34.65", "aws_key_log_data": {"eventName": ["ListAttachedUserPolicies"]}}}

CanaryTokenUrlwebtoken in use:


Note that, when accessing the URLs of the CanaryTokens, some of your data is being logged by the Canarytoken service.